CHALLENGEACTIVITY1.6.1: Defining A Class Constructor.Write A Constructor With Parameters Self, Num_mins (2024)

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Answer 1


class PhonePlan:

def __init__(self, minutes=0, messages=0):



def print_plan(self):

print('Mins:', self.num_mins, end=' ')

print('Messages:', self.num_messages)

my_plan = PhonePlan(int(input()), int(input()))

dads_plan = PhonePlan()

moms_plan = PhonePlan(int(input()))

print('My plan...', end=' ')


print('Dad\'s plan...', end=' ')


print('Mom\'s plan...', end= ' ')


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In Cell D2, create a SUMIFS function to total the fee when the criteria in cells C2 and E2 are met


Sum values are founded on one or additional necessities by utilizing the SUMIFS role in a procedure.

write a program in python to input 3 sides of a triangle. check if the triangle is equilateral, isosceles or scalene. use logical operator as required​


Type of Triangle - Python

In Geometry, a triangle is a three-sided polygon with three edges and three vertices. A triangle with vertices A, B, and C denoted ∆ABC.

Equilateral Triangle

A triangle is said to be an EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE if all the sides are equal in measure.

Isosceles Triangle

A triangle is said to be an ISOSCELES TRIANGLE if any two sides are equal in measure.

Scalene Triangle

A triangle is said to be a SCALENE TRIANGLE if none of the sides are equal in measure.

Here's our program:-

a = float(input("Enter the length of the first side of a triangle: "))

b = float(input("Enter the length of the

second side of a triangle: "))

c = float(input("Enter the length of the third side of a triangle: "))

if (a == b and b == c and c == a):

print("Equilateral Triangle.")

elif (a == b or b = c or c == a):

print("Isosceles Triangle.")

elif (a != b and b !=c and c != a):

print("Scalene Triangle.")


print("Invalid Input.")

how has education technology evolved in schools over the past years​


More sophisticated software given to students

Which item is used in Excel to identify the row of a particular cell?

The answer is B) number



B) number


you are correct! for instance the cell E3 has the column E and the row 3

explain the measures put in place in order to maintain each of the element of computer security



Contains a firewall.

Try's to keep all software up to date.

Able to use antivirus software and keep it current.

Allows you to use a password


Computer security is important because it keeps your information protected. It's also important for your computer's overall health

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how do you create 2 dimensional array with c++?


2 dimensional arrays in C++ are arrays that have 2 dimensions i.e. rows and columns

How to create the array?

To create a 2-dimensional array in C++, you make use of the following syntax

data_type array_name[rows][columns];

Assume the following parameters:

The data type of the array is integerThe array name is StudentsThe array has 10 rows and 20 columns.

The declaration of an array with the above properties would be:

int Students[10][20];

Read more about arrays at:

what is the answer to 7.4.4: Length of User's Name codehs


The program that ask the user to type there first name and then print out how many letters that is in there name is as follows:

x = input("what is your first name: ")

y = len(x)

print(f"There are {y} letters in your name")

Code explanation;

The code is written in python.

Firstly, we store the users name in the variable x.Then, we find the length of the users inputted name and store it in a variable y.Finally, we print the length of the users name using the print function.

learn more on python here:

[ASAP!] Which of these can be a problem for people with accessibility issues? Select 4 options.

1. using all uppercase text
2. using left-aligned text
3. putting two spaces after a period
4. flashing images
5. using an image instead of text​


The answers are:

- Using all uppercase text

- Putting two spaces after a period

- Flashing images

- Using an image instead of text


Using full capital text, inserting two spaces after a period, flashing pictures, and using an image in place of text are all accessibility issues. Options A, C, D and E are correct.

What are the accessibility issues?

When providing access to the product or service, the following accessibility concerns must be taken into account:

Visual problems including color blindness or poor vision.Similar to photosensitive epilepsy, seizures.Mobility or motor problems, such as those of wheelchair users.

Making information, activities, and/or surroundings understandable, relevant, and useable for as many individuals as feasible is the practice of accessibility. Architectural design is a typical instance of accessibility that we have all probably seen.

Accessibility concerns include utilizing all capital letters, adding two spaces after a period, flashing images, and replacing text with an image.

Therefore, option A, C, D and E are correct.

Learn more about the accessibility issues, refer to:


Which term refers to a contract specifically negotiated for the construction of an asset or a combination of assets that are closely interrelated or interdependent in terms of their design, technology and function or their ultimate purpose or use (GAAP)

A. Fixed price contract
B.Construction contact
C. Cost plus contract
D.None of these

I’m not accepting links or files.
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B. Construction contact


It is a contract specifically negotiated for the construction of an asset or a combination of assets that are closely interrelated or interdependent in terms of their design, technology and function or their ultimate purpose or use.

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Given the string “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.
1. What is the length of the string i.e. write the script to find the length? (2 points)
2. Find the sub-string of first 5 positions and the other sub-string with last 5 positions. (4 points)
3. Find how many times “i” occurs in this word in python


The string and the three instructions is an illustration of the python strings

The length of the string

The following instruction calculates the length of the string using the Python script:


The returned value of the above instruction is: 34

The substrings

The following instruction calculates the sub-string of first 5 positions and the other sub-string with last 5 positions


The returned string of the above instruction is: "supercious"

The number of occurrence of i

The following instruction calculates the occurrences of i in the string


The returned value of the above instruction is: 7

Read more about python strings at:

Is it possible to code your own game and if so then where should I go to learn and how to publish it?



Yes there is


It is scratch a coding game to do almost anything you can also code flappybird

Hope this helps.

Have fun with scratch



Yes, it is absolutely possible to code your own game. As a beginner, it will be easier to start with something simple like on R-o-b-l-o-x; instead of trying to write a full PC game. It runs Lua and its code is run as scripts which means you can put it anywhere.

Does anyone know how to get past this part in Lego Harry Potter it’s the one right after Dobby in year 2? I’m so stuck!!!


thats a nice game. i dont know how to play it. how are you doing?

Dwayne Alexander is working on a project promoting a fictitious product for his marketing class. He wants to use animation to show the product being used, but the only animations he has created are in PowerPoint presentations. Research three animation apps for beginners: one 2-D animation app, one 3-D animation app, and one of your choice. List the pros and cons of each animation app. Be sure to consider cost, learning curve, and availability.


The following are examples of animation apps:

Toon Boom Animation (2-D)Prisma3D (3-D) and AnimeTok (3-D)

What are the Pros and the cons of each app listed above?

Toon Boom Animation Pros:

It has a great set of toolsIt has camera angles functionalityHas a vector drawing tool


It is expensive.

Prisma3D (3-D) Pros:

It is good for modeling;Easy to use interface


It has too many bugs.lacks sculpting tools

AnimeTok (3-D) Pros:

It makes it easy to move the characters easilyIt is easy to understand


It has too many adsdoes not have an undo and redo button

Learn more about Animation Apps at:

A timer is set after each frame is sent before waiting an ACK for that frame, how long does the timer take to be expired?


A timer needs to be set after each frame is sent before waiting an ACK for that frame. The length of time it takes for a timer take to be expired depends on only when the first outstanding frames has expires first.

Some do take 5 min., 10 minutes, or even 48 hours while others depends on what the sender has set.

What is A timer is set after each frame about?

A sender is one that is not entitled to hold a timer for each frame. It has to hold a single timer.

When a the timer expires, the sender can then resends all the frames whose ACK has not been seen or received yet. The sender often starts the timer at the time it is sending the first frame , and because of that, it is only when the timer for the first set frames expires before the sender can resend any other outstanding frames.

Learn more about timer from

It is essential to make computer professional more responsible towards society and culture


Yes it is essential because Computers benefit the business and personal world by being able to do the following more efficiently: buying and selling products, communicating throughout the world, enhancing our knowledge, job influences, entertainment, research, and paying bills.

Hope this helps. ^v^

what is the blockchain?



Blockchain is a cryptocurrency financial services company.

Answer: Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger technology that records transactions across multiple computers in a secure and transparent manner. It was originally designed for use with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but its potential applications have expanded far beyond that.

Here are the key characteristics and components of blockchain:

Decentralization: Unlike traditional centralized systems, blockchain operates on a decentralized network of computers, often referred to as nodes. Each participant on the network has a copy of the entire blockchain, ensuring that no single entity has complete control.

Distributed Ledger: Transactions are grouped into blocks and linked together in chronological order, forming a chain. This chain of blocks is known as the blockchain. Each block contains a reference to the previous block (except the first block), creating a secure and tamper-resistant record of transactions.

Security: Blockchain uses advanced cryptographic techniques to secure transactions and ensure their integrity. Once a transaction is recorded in a block and added to the blockchain, it becomes extremely difficult to alter or delete.

Transparency: Transactions recorded on the blockchain are visible to all participants in the network. This transparency enhances accountability and trust, as every participant can verify the accuracy of transactions.

Consensus Mechanisms: Blockchain networks use consensus mechanisms to agree on the validity of transactions before adding them to the blockchain. This prevents malicious actors from manipulating the system. Common consensus mechanisms include Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS).

Smart Contracts: Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code. They automatically execute when predetermined conditions are met, facilitating automated and secure transactions without intermediaries.

Immutable Record: Once data is added to the blockchain, it becomes very difficult to alter. This immutability ensures the integrity of historical records.

Cryptocurrencies: While blockchain technology can be used for various applications, it gained widespread attention through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that operate on blockchain networks and use cryptography for security.

Blockchain technology has applications beyond cryptocurrencies, including supply chain management, identity verification, voting systems, healthcare record management, and more. It has the potential to revolutionize industries by enhancing security, transparency, and efficiency in various processes.


Mr. Hicks is setting up a wiiſed office network for 10 computers. He needs to use a network topology
devices to be added later as required. Which topology should he use?
A. Star



C. Mesh


Each device will be connected to the other 9 devices, making it the best topology to use.

Hope this helps!




s to write a Python-program that uses training data to choose the four ideal functions which are the
best fit out of the fifty provided (C) *.
i) Afterwards, the program must use the test data provided (B) to determine for each and every x-ypair of values whether or not they can be assigned to the four chosen ideal functions**; if so, the
program also needs to execute the mapping and save it together with the deviation at hand
ii) All data must be visualized logically
iii) Where possible, create/ compile suitable unit-test
* The criterion for choosing the ideal functions for the training function is how they minimize the sum of all ydeviations squared (Least-Square)
** The criterion for mapping the individual test case to the four ideal functions is that the existing maximum
deviation of the calculated regression does not exceed the largest deviation between training dataset (A) and
the ideal function (C) chosen for it by more than factor sqrt(2


Use the knowledge in computational language in python is possible write the data about a function and the summation.

How to define function in Python?

In Python, a function is a sequence of commands that performs some task and that has a name. Its main purpose is to help us organize programs into chunks that correspond to how we envision a solution to the problem.

So in an easier way we have that the code is:

def plus(a,b):

return a + b

class Summation(object):

def sum(self, a, b):

self.contents = a + b

return self.contents

sumInstance = Summation()


See more about python at

Psuedo code and flow charts



pseudo is an informal high level description of the operating principle of an algorithm while a flow chart is a diagrammatic representation that illustrates a solution model to a given problem.

the difference between tool bar and status bar​



A toolbar offers easier access to tasks typically conducted within the application whereas in the status bar it is displayed at the lower side of the web browser screens and other application windows.


Examples of ________, which is hosted on a web site, include e-mail, word processing, tax preparation, and game programs.


Answer:Web Application

Explanation:Web hosting is more or less like having an ordinary computer in the cloud in order share information and resources with others world wide.One cannot make effective use of a computer without software applications . Similarly hosting just normal html pages and documents on a server cannot help increase productivity,hence the creation of cloud computer applications also known as "Web Apps (Web Applications)" to aid boost productivity and information dissemination via quality task automations.

Suppose that you have a computer with a memory unit of 24 bits per word. In this
computer, the assembly program’s instruction set consists of 198 different operations.
All instructions have an operation code part (opcode) and an address part (allowing for only one address). Each instruction is stored in one word of memory.
1. How many bits are needed for the opcode?
2. How many bits are left for the address part of the instruction?
3. How many additional instructions could be added to this instruction set without
exceeding the assigned number of bits? Discuss and show your calculations.
4. What is the largest unsigned binary number that the address can hold?



a ) The amount of bits required for the opcode

8 bits

2^8= 256


We get the next lower number, which is 2^7 = 128 bits, because it is greater than 198. As a result, the operation code necessitates 8 bits.

b) The number of bits reserved for the instruction's address.

16 bits

24-8 = 16



2^16 = 65536

Maximum number = 65535

 2^15 = 32768-1

= 32767


6.1.5: Function definition: Volume of a pyramid.

Define a function calc_pyramid_volume with parameters base_length, base_width, and pyramid_height, that returns the volume of a pyramid with a rectangular base.

Sample output with inputs: 4.5 2.1 3.0
Volume for 4.5, 2.1, 3.0 is: 9.45
Relevant geometry equations:
Volume = base area x height x 1/3
Base area = base length x base width.



def calc_pyramid_volume(base_length, base_width, pyramid_height):

return (base_length*base_width*pyramid_height*1/3)

The code given below is in Java as it calculates the volume of the pyramid by creating the function. The base length as well as the base width, and the pyramid height has been passed as the parameters to the function.

The function of calc_pyramid_volume with parameters base_length.


public class Main


public static void main(String[] args) {

//Initialize the variables

double base_length = 4.5;

double base_width = 2.1;

double pyramid_height = 3.0;

//Call the the function with the given parameters

System.out.printf("Volume for %.1f, %.1f, %.1f is: %.2f", base_length, base_width, pyramid_height

, pyramid_volume(base_length, base_width, pyramid_height));}


//function that takes length, width and height as parameters and returns the volume

public static double pyramid_volume(double base_length, double base_width, double pyramid_height) {

//calculate the base area by multiplying the base length and base width

double base_area = base_length * base_width;

Learn more about pyramid on:


how bridges are built over water


It’s all depending on what method

Write a program that asks the user to type 5 integers
and writes the average of the 5 integers. This
program can use only 2 variables.


import Java.util*

public class Average{
public static void main(String [] args){

int sum = 0;
int numbers = 0;

for(int i = 0; i < 5; i++){
Scanner sc = new Scanner(;
System.out.println(“Please enter your integers: “);
numbers = sc.nextInt();

sum += numbers;
System.out.println(“The average is: “ + sum/5)”

Someone tell me the answer who thanks who ever who



2. Trumpets,Guitar,Drums,Harp,Piano

3. The music notes and variety of colors and the melodies lines

4. 1 thing that needed change is maybe, it needed more intruments.

Onsite Services for Ruggedized Notebooks are limited to CRU parts and Service Assembly




Onsite Services for Ruggedized Notebooks are limited to CRU parts and Service Assembly is a false statement.

What are Onsite Services?

In an On-Site Service, a Service Provider is one that carry out any kind of repair or exchange of a product at given location that is the location of the customer.

Onsite Services for Ruggedized Notebooks is not limited to CRU parts and Service Assembly as one can do any form of system repairs there most especially based on customer preference or what is wrong with the system.

Learn more about Onsite Services from

Complete the sentence.
For self-driving cars, both the programmers of the software and governments who regulate them must adhere to
intellectual property laws
ethical principles
noncompete agreements
- to safeguard that the software that controls the car is capable of making life-or-death



[ C ] governments who regulate the car industry

[ D ] the programmers who create the software that control the car


Governments who regulate the car industry, the programmers who create the software that control the car are the complete sentence.

What is car industry?

Car industry is the place where the manufacturing of the cars and automobile parts are placed. Car industry do manufacturing work for the selling purpose. The company may be directly or indirectly engage in the selling industry.

Thus, sentences are completed.

For more details about car industry, click here:


10. Write a function called replace_elem that takes an array and two values and uses the simple search
algorithm to replace all instances of the first value with the second value
Sample Run 1:
a = [7, 4, 10, 3, 7, 2, 4, 5]
print (replace_elem(a, 4, 6))
Should output:
[7, 6, 10, 3, 7, 2, 6, 5]
Sample Run 2
a = [7, 3, 10, 3, 7, 2, 9, 5]
print (replace elem(a, 4, 6))
Should output
[7, 3, 10, 3, 7, 2, 9, 5]


The function that replaces the values in an array is as follows:

def replace_elem(a, integer1, integer2):

for i in range(len(a)):

if a[i] == integer1:

a[i] = integer2

return a

print(replace_elem([7, 4, 10, 3, 7, 2, 4, 5], 4, 6))

Code explanation.

The code is written in python.

We defined a function named "replace_elem". The function accepts an array a, and integers integer1 and integer2.Then, we used a loop to loop the index of the array. If any of the index value is equals to the integer1, we replace it with integer2.Then return the new values of the array a.Finally, we call the function with its parameters.

learn more on function here:

In 1972, earlier designers built the
connecting major universities. The broke
communications into smaller chunks, or
and sent them in a first come, first serve
basis. The limit to the amount of bytes of data that can be moved is called line capacity, or
When a network is met its capacity the user experiences
When the
network is "slowing down", what is happening is users are waiting for their packet to leave the
To make the queues smaller, developers created
packets to move
:: bandwidth
:: packets
:: simultaneously
:: queue
:: mixed
:: unwanted pauses


The exercise is about filling in the gaps and is related to the History of the ARPANET.

What is the History of the ARPANET?

From the text:

In 1972, earlier designers built the ARPANET connecting major universities. They broke communication into smaller chunks, or packets and sent them on a first-come, first-serve basis. The limit to the number of bytes of data that can be moved is called line capacity, or bandwidth.

When a network is met its capacity the user experiences unwanted pauses. When the network is "slowing down", what is happening is users are waiting for their packet to leave the queue.

To make the queues smaller, developers created mixed packets to move simultaneously.

Learn more about the ARPANET at:

CHALLENGEACTIVITY1.6.1: Defining A Class Constructor.Write A Constructor With Parameters Self, Num_mins (2024)


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